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Automobile industry

Laser welding workstation

Laser welding workstation

Program overview:

Through the perfect combination of automation technology and laser processing technology, we can quickly and effectively weld all kinds of metal parts. The characteristic equipment scheme design can be used for various field applications. The equipment can operate by itself, control automatically and program repeatedly, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality of the enterprise. It is used in ship industry, auto and motorcycle industry, engineering machinery, machine tools, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical appliances, instruments and meters. Petrochemicals, military products and other fields of application, for the majority of users to bring sustained and rich technical and economic benefits.

Scheme recommendation:

Robot laser welding workstation (condenser welding)


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The laser welding workstation of condenser robot consists of industrial robot, laser welding joint, continuous laser, water chiller, working platform with switch, monitoring system, stable control system, protective workshop with safety door, convenient man-machine control interface and perfect fixture. Full automation of production process, low labor intensity of operators, no special skill requirements. The workstation supports multi station and multi model production, with high production efficiency and high production qualification rate.


Customer revenue: 

● high degree of automation, easy operation and low labor intensity of workers;

● there is no pollution in the processing process and no harm to human body;

●There is no "tool" wear and auxiliary welding wire in the laser processing process, which has a long service life and reduces the use cost of customers;

●High reliability and stability of laser processing can meet the needs of industrial mass production and processing.

Comparison between laser welding and traditional process:

Laser welding

Argon arc welding

Basically no consumables

Welding wire and electrode are expensive

Welding environmental protection

Serious welding dust

High welding efficiency

Low welding efficiency

Small heat affected area and regular appearance

Large heat affected area and irregular appearance

Low labor cost

High labor cost

The unqualified rate is 2 ‰

Unqualified power is 3-5%

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