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Sheet metal processing industry

3D laser cutting workstation

3D laser cutting workstation

Program overview:

Three-dimensional laser cutting technology is used to process body coverings, etc., and can replace the trimming and punching dies of traditional manufacturing processes. The process steps are simple, the manufacturing cycle is short, the cutting speed is fast, and the processing quality is high. In addition, three-dimensional laser cutting has high flexibility, which can improve the quality of automobile products, reduce automobile manufacturing costs, shorten the research and development cycle of new models, and has good economic value and application prospects.


 3D Laser Cutting Workstation Effect Picture

Program recommendation:

                                         3D laser cutting workstation

   The 3D laser cutting workstation consists of industrial robots, laser cutting heads, continuous lasers, chiller units, working platforms with switches, offline programming software, monitoring systems, stable control systems, protective workspaces with safety doors, convenient human-machine control interfaces, Complete tooling fixture composition. The production process is fully automated, the operator labor intensity is low, and no special skills are required. The workstation supports multi-station and multi-model production with high production efficiency and high production qualification rate.


Customer benefits:

● High degree of automation, easy operation, reduce labor intensity of workers;

● There is no pollution during processing and it will not cause harm to human body;

● No "tool" wear during laser processing, long life, reducing customer's use cost;

● Complete offline programming software, quickly and automatically generate cutting trajectories, improve work efficiency;

● Laser processing has high reliability and strong stability, which can meet the needs of industrial mass production and processing.

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