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laser marking machine
title : RFL-HSeries optical fiber marking machine
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time : 2020-11-23

Item features:

RFL-SC handheld fiber laser marking machine is developed using the world's advanced laser technology;

Integrated scanning galvanometer, optical system, optical fiber collimation, and handheld marking head, it is the smallest mobile handheld laser marking machine;

Adopting the optical path integrated sealing design, the built-in fixed focus frame can quickly fix the focus, and realize the handheld multi-angle full-scale arbitrary high-precision fast automatic marking;

The unique industrial design structure, the control software can be equipped with a tablet computer, to meet the industry's demand for a variety of complex and difficult to place worktable marking.

Item features:

Fiber laser has extremely good beam quality and high precision marking effect;

Hand-held focusing ring marking format adjustable design, can meet the maximum 110 × 110mm marking format;

Compact structure design, stable performance, fast marking speed and high repeat positioning accuracy;

Technical Parameters:


Marking samples:

1575080190471068.png    1575080190121435.jpg    1575080190118608.jpg    1575080190101567.png

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