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laser marking machine
title : RFL-CSeries optical fiber marking machine
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time : 2020-11-29

Item features:

RFL-CSeries optical fiber marking machinedesktop fiber laser marking adopts world advanced laser technology to manufacture.

Professional industrial design combined with integrated fiber laser machine, scanning galvanometer, optical system, collimation system;

Portable design, satisfying clients’ requirements to the complicated workpieces processing of all the laser marking;

Compact structures, exquisite volume, light weight, convenient moving, high transferring rate of electric light, low energy consumption, easy operation;

Stable performance, good quality beam, fast marking, more exquisite mark, high precision of resetting;

Core parts adopt electromagnetic compatibility designed with powerful SNR, anti-interference.

No maintenance required, working time up to 100,000 hrs.

Application Fields:

Widely used in some industries that require high criteria in deepness, smoothness,

fineness, such as electrics,appliances,computers,cellphones,watches,metals,various tools, gold, silver, diamonds, sanitary ware, food packages, tobacco marking, beer

marking, beverage marking, medicine packages, medical instruments,

glasses&clocks, auto parts, plastic and paper. Meanwhile, it could mark and

engrave various metal materials that require high deepness,smoothness,fineness, such as stainless steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy etc,and some non-metal materials such as ABS、PC etc.
Technical Parameters:

Marking samples:

1575080190471068.png    1575080190121435.jpg    1575080190118608.jpg    1575080190101567.png

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